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Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

Peacebringer (Insula Dracon, continued)

Capite West #1

Coordinates: 43.400, 34.323

Head to the island on the west side of Capite West - the one with the airstrip. Check the hill at the northern end of the island to find this buried at the peak.

Capite West #2

Coordinates: 44.144, 35.162

There are some mountains at the northern edge of the province, near the airfield at Porto Cavo. Grapple your way up there to find another part.

Capite East #1

Coordinates: 44.249, 35.423

There’s a mossy treasure cave near Vico Thunno - you can enter from the beach to the north. You’ll find a vintage part buried inside.

Capite East #2

Coordinates: 44.238, 36.830

There’s a little sandbar that juts out into the water at the northern edge of Vico Spigola. The last Peacebringer part is buried there.

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