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Fans are all about Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost finally returning in Game of Thrones

Image credit: HBO

We've only seen two episodes from Game of Thrones season 8 and we've already been pelted with a ton of heartfelt reunions. Everything from Theon's tear-jerking return to Winterfell, to Jaime knighting Brienne after years of buildup - it's almost too much to handle. 

One small appearance, on the other hand, didn't hold as much weight or screen time - but fans were all over it. Ghost, Jon's direwolf that he adopted early on in the series, can be seen on screen as he talks with Samwell Tarly and Edd Tollett along the castle walls. His appearance isn't addressed or expanded on in anyway, almost as if the show's creators threw Ghost in there just to shut fans up. 

Either way, folks were happy to see the white direwolf return. We always wondered why he had been absent, perhaps due to CGI budget concerns, a lack of a purpose for the beast, or something else entirely. Regardless of the reason for his return, fans were happy to get a taste of their long lost wolf friend. 

It started off simple:

Then you could tell which people had been drinking that Ironborn salt: 

But what we all need to know is: where did he come from, and why didn't we see more of him?! 

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