The best Game of Thrones merchandise you need before the White Walkers destroy mankind

The best Game of Thrones merchandise

Game of Thrones season 8 feels like an eternity away. 2019! Really? Oh well, maybe George RR Martin will have finished his next book by then. Ahahaha. Sorry, silly thought. Anyway, in the absence of new TV shows or novels, here is the best Game of Thrones merchandise you can buy. Use this buying guide as you will: perhaps you'll decide to completely fill your living space with Thrones Funkos, replica swords, soft toys, dioramas, posters, banners, and no sexual partners - that's up to you. Or maybe you're just looking for a personal gift for a friend who loves the show. Whatever the reason, there's a bargain here for you.

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Game of Thrones Funko Pops

Everyone loves a Funko. Thrones is incredibly well served for all types of Funko, especially the Pop range. While some have been vaulted, you can still pick up most GOT Funko Pops for a snip, with the majority costing less than $15 / £12. Take a look at the range.

Buy it UK: Game of Thrones Funkos from £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: Game of Thrones Funkos from $13.95 at Pop In A Box

All the Song of Fire and Ice books

You’ve watched all the shows, and you keep saying to yourself “I really must read the books - everyone says they’re so much better than the TV version”. Well, that’s sort-of true. TV show and books really start to diverge after season 3, and season 6 completely blazes its own trail. The books tell the stories from a much more detailed angle, and they’re rich with lore and description - very much worth a read. And guess what? They’re all here, in order, in a single box set.

Buy it UK: £29.90 from Amazon UK
Buy it US:
$32.77 from Amazon US

Three Eyed Raven plushie

Complete with wired legs for positioning wherever you please, Bran's dream raven is essential for the tense nights ahead where you'll need something to squeeze as you rewatch season 7. All three eyes are suitably beady and always watching and he's surprisingly squishably soft. Spoiler, he especially likes it when you sing DJ Scooter's I'm raven....  

Buy it UK: £11.95 from HBO Store UK
Buy it US:  $19.28 from Amazon US

Mother of Dragons packpack

Ever wanted a bag made of pure dragon skin? Yeah, it'd be pretty robust. However, given that'll never happen, why not grab one of these Mother of Dragons backpacks instead, made of faux-leather material (so, no ethical issues here), and featuring some metal spikes on the back. It's actually a nice piece of kit, and a little more understated than some other Thrones bags you can buy.

Buy it UK/US: £45.90/$59.99 from ThinkGeek

Dragon Egg Wine Stoppers

Where is the fun in corks when you can put dragon eggs in your bottles? With no risk of hatching into flame breathing monstrosities - especially if you put them in the fridge - these wine stoppers are one of the nerdiest ways to keep your wine from oxidising without people realising how wrong you've gone. Yay for drinking and knowing things! 

Buy it UK: £29.98 from HBO Store UK

Collector's Edition Monopoly

The obligatory game of Monopoly at Christmas need never be boring ever again. This GOT-themed version dresses up the traditional locations to places from the show, so you can fight your siblings for ownership of Winterfell. House and hotel pieces are switched out for villages and keeps, bringing a level of added cool, but the best part is the tokens. The one thing that will definitely have the whole family squabbling is - of course - who gets to be the Iron Throne.

Buy it UK: £22.95 from Amazon UK
Buy it US:  $35.86 from Amazon US

The Hound Dark Horse statue

For those who know the value of a good chicken, or anyone who wants to recreate the glory of Cleganebowl (which is totally happening, so get hype), this detailed statue is essential. The attention to detail is pretty good, and it even features the famed helm worn by Sandor Clegane before he was smashed up by Brienne and left for dead by Arya. Sadly, there is no statue of Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane… You’ll have to make it yourself out of a leg of lamb and some tin foil.

Buy it UK: £19.90 from Amazon UK
Buy is US:
$24.74 from Amazon US

Game of Thrones Cluedo

While Monopoly and Risk may seem like more popular choices for a show like Game of Thrones, Cluedo does make perfect sense. After all - there’s plenty of murdering and scheming, and it’s captured perfectly by this special edition board game. This comes with a double-sided board, so you can hunt for the murderer in the Red Keep or the streets of Meereen. There are 12 suspects to choose from too, so there’s much more here than in regular Cluedo. Hint: it was Tyrion Lannister, in the toilet, with the crossbow!

Buy it UK: £22.92 from Amazon UK
Buy it US:
$40.46 from Amazon US

The official Game of Thrones game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply watch Game of Thrones - you need to feel part of it. Time to play the official game, which you can nab on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Here you play as various members of House Forrester, a family mentioned in the books but never touched by the TV show. In the course of your adventure you’ll meet major characters from the show, including Margaery Tyrell and Ramsay Bolton. The game weaves a decent story too, forcing you to make some seriously Game of Thrones-y decisions along the way.

Buy it UK: £25.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $21.65 from Amazon US

House Sigil coaster set

You already have your ‘I drink and I know things mug’ ordered. Don’t just put it straight onto your desk, or slam it down onto any old coaster - complete the drinking experience with these rather classy coasters. All joking aside, they’re cool enough to be considered ‘adult’ furniture, but Thrones-y enough to mark you out as a connoisseur. Very reasonable price too. The only drawback is the lack of a House Bolton design - nothing accompanies a cup of coffee quite like an upside down flayed man. Well, maybe a biscotti.

Buy it UK: £11.57 from Amazon UK
Buy it US:
$10.34 from Amazon US

Direwolf plush - Ghost

Who’s a good boy? This adorable plushie direwolf, of course. This one is the pup version of Ghost from season 1, and he’s absolutely adorable. Ghost is becoming something of a collector’s item in the show too, as he’s one of only two surviving direwolves in the show. Come back Nymeria, all is forgiven! This fact is reflected in the price of the plush, which itself has become a collector's item!

Buy it UK: £32.97 from Amazon UK
Buy it US:
$99.99 from Amazon US

Pop-up guide to Westeros book

Maps are one thing, but if you really want to dig into the intricacies of Game of Thrones’ world you need a book. Not saying regular books are dull but… this pop-up version brings things alive with so much more flair. Each of the five spreads fold out to show off key locations from the show, like the Wall and King’s Landing, and explains the various Houses, creatures, and cultures that make up the world.

Buy it UK: £26 from Amazon UK
Buy it US:
$43.34 from Amazon US

Replica dragon egg set

Bit extravagant, this one, but definitely a conversation starter. You can get each of Daenerys’ dragon eggs separately (which, sadly, won’t hatch - ever), but why not buy them all in this authentic presentation box? Sure, you may not be as rich as Tywin Lannister, but this is the only way you’ll get your hands on dragon eggs, so best get your wallet out. They’re great quality and pleasingly heavy, so - while not an egg-cellent use of your money - they're worth shelling out for.

Buy it UK: £74.98 from HBO Store UK
Buy it US: $148.99 from Amazon US

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