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John Boyega wants you to join the Jaeger uprising in the first Pacific Rim 2 teaser

After a LOT of starts and stops Pacific Rim 2 is nearly upon us. Well, it's out next February, which feels quite soon considering we've been waiting years for a glimpse at the sequel. And yes, today's SDCC teaser might not boast any footage from the flick but it's the perfect treat to tide us over until the first full-length trailer does eventually drop. 

Less a teaser and more a recruitment video for Jaeger pilots - the giant robots from the first movie - the clip shows off an updated version of the Gipsy Avenger Jaeger. Is this the same one that's been renovated, or a brand new one? Considering there's a bunch of new Jaeger models recently revealed on the SDCC floor, it's likely the latter. 

The best moment is saved for the end when we get a proper good look at John Boyega decked out in his mecha-suit. Who could refuse his offer? 

You can find out more over on the new viral site at, which confirms that the sequel takes place ten years after the first movie.