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Jamie Bell on Spidey shortlist

Jamie Bell has joined the ever growing list of Spider-man possibles ever since Sony decided to scrap plans for Spider-man 4 in favour of a back-to-high-school reboot.

So far the likes of Percy Jackson ‘s Logan Leman and Zac Efron have been bandied about, but rumour suggests there’s currently a shortlist of five.

Namely; Jamie Bell, Andrew Garfield, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane and Josh Hutcherson.

Of the bunch, Bell clearly has the most big-picture experience ( Billy Elliot , King Kong , Jumper , Steven Spielberg’s upcoming TinTin ), but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a good Peter Parker.

Andrew Garfield also has good pedigree ( Lions For Lambs , The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus ), but at 27 he’s probably too old. Whilst Alden Ehrenreich was discovered by Spielberg and is a relative newcomer (always a good thing), it’s hard to imagine him as the webslinger.

Though the soon-to-be-18 Josh Hutcherson ( Zathura , Bridge To Terabithia ) is roughly the right age, ironically he might prove too young. Then there’s the slightly-older Frank Dillane (Tom Riddle in Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince ), who may just be the best bet.

None of these guys get your spidey-sense tingling? Don’t worry true believers; nothing has been confirmed, there’s been no screen-tests and the studio is (wisely) looking for someone new.

Remember, Chris Reeve was unknown before making us believe a man could fly…

Production starts on the Spider-man reboot at the end of the year and is scheduled for release on July 3rd.

Good choices? Who would you pick if you had the great power (and, therefore, responsibility)?