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It looks like a new Death Stranding trailer is in the works

Death Stranding
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

With Death Stranding’s November 8 release date creeping ever closer, it seems Hideo Kojima is preparing another trailer for us all to scour through for clues. 

The Metal Gear auteur took to Twitter to show off a photo from a video editing timeline, writing that he’s “editing before going on my next business trip”.  

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How soon can we expect to see it? Well, without being privy to Kojima’s schedule, we can’t take a guess on how long that business trip will last. But with Death Stranding only 5 weeks away from melting our brains, it’s safe to say the wait isn’t going to be too long. Let’s hope those Sony legal checks don’t slow the process down…  

It’s not the only piece of Death Stranding news that’s dropped onto Twitter today. Indie darlings Chvrches released a song that’ll be in the game itself, which makes sense, since they took a trip to Kojima Productions earlier this year. Kojima has confirmed that’ll be the “ending song of [the] game”, while we can confirm that it’s an absolute bop. 

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There’s been a huge amount of new info on Death Stranding in recent months, from a look at what you’ll actually be doing in the game, such as getting Norman Reedus to chow down on some bugs, to a Death Stranding controller that can play the sound of a crying BB. Because nothing is too strange when it comes to Death Stranding.   

Want to start putting together all the clues we have about Death Stranding is? Here’s everything we know so far about Death Stranding.   

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