Crying BB Death Stranding PS4 controller is peak Kojima

(Image credit: Sony)

The Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle includes a matte white stylized PS4 and translucent yellow DualShock 4 controller, and according to Kojima himself, the controller puts out the sound of BB's cooing and crying through its speakers. Immersive, bizarrebizzare, and uniquely terrifying, the crying BB Death Stranding controller adds another layer of madness to this increasingly confusing game. 

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Kojima took to Twitter to describe the new feature and clarified that you can choose whether or not to activate it, presumably because not everyone enjoys the sounds of crying jar babies. For the uninitiated, BB stands for "bridge baby," which are little babies held in jars used to bridge the worlds of the living and the dead. In case you've seen the trailer for the PS4 bundle, we can confirm that your Death Stranding DualShocker won't actually have its own BB inside.

We also know that the BB crying sounds aren't actually exclusive to the controller bundled with the Death Stranding PS4 Pro console. When contacted by Polygon, a Sony rep responded with, "It should technically work across all DS4 wireless controllers." Again, that doesn't mean your stuck being tortured by the sounds of BB's crying when you play Death Stranding, as Kojima's tweet makes it sound like it's a feature that can be switched on and off.

Dying to know more? While there's still a lot of unknowns, here's everything we know leading up to Death Stranding's November 8 release date. 

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