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How to watch the Pokemon Presents Direct livestream today

Looking for how to watch Pokemon Presents Direct? Well you're at the right place to learn more about today's (August 18) showcase. 

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are airing a special Pokemon Presents livestream, focused on new games and updates for the historic franchise. Just below, you can see that the Pokemon Presents livestream will be kicking off at approximately 6AM PT/9AM ET/2PM BST, and you can catch the action over on The Pokemon YouTube channel - or watch it above!

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As for what the Pokemon Presents livestream is going to feature, we already have a pretty good idea. Chiefly, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl will be on display during the showcase, and we should see more gameplay and new details of the remakes that are due to launch later this year in November for the Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere, we're guaranteed another look at Pokemon Legends Arceus. This is the big new venture from the Pokemon franchise, taking up after Breath of the Wild to offer players a new open-world adventure with a big focus on real-time action combat. Pokemon Legends Arceus is due to launch early in 2022, but here's hoping we see new gameplay from the exciting title later today.

Additionally, perhaps we'll see more of Pokemon Unite during the Pokemon Presents showcase today. The MOBA-like brawler launched last month in July for Nintendo Switch, but has received a relatively steady stream of patches and updates since launch, with newcomers like Gardevoir joining the roster. We could hear more of The Pokemon Company's plans for the future of the brawler later today. Either way, this promises to be a special showcase for the Pokemon series at large.

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