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How to get Cheeseburger the bear in Far Cry 5

Being a 600 pound full grown grizzly, Cheeseburger is the most powerful ally in Far Cry 5’s Fangs for Hire programme, trading any semblance of versatility for raw strength and a fear factor that other companions just can’t match. 

He’s a worthy combatant for the open, chaotic firefights that Far Cry 5 often throws at you, so you’re going to want to find and win him over to your cause as soon as humanly possible. And if you want a little more help, head over to our Far Cry 5 tips or find out how to get your mitts on Boomer and Peaches:


  • He's a bear
  • He'll destroy anything you point him at
  • Did we mention he's a bear? 


  • None. There are no cons. 

To unlock Cheeseburger, you’ll need to head over the F.A.N.G Centre once you’ve liberated Dutch’s Island and are free to explore the full open world. It’ll have a giant bear icon on your map, in the centre of Jacob’s region to the north, so you can’t miss it. 

You’ll have to liberate the F.A.N.G Centre (which is a cult outpost) once you arrive, which means taking out all the cult members residing within. Full disclosure: there’s quite a lot of them, including pet wolves, Juggernauts, and a chopper, so make sure you’re well armed and stocked before barraging through the front gates.

Upon liberating the Centre, talk to Wade Fowler by the enclosure, who’ll tell you about Cheeseburger before revealing that he set him free before the cult got to him. This’ll start the quest ‘A Right to Bear Arms’, which asks you to go and rescue Cheeseburger, but you’ll need to fish for some salmon beforehand to win him over. 

Head to fishing spot marked on your map and follow the tutorial to successfully fish a Chinook Salmon, before moving on to Cheeseburger’s indicated location at Linero Building Supplies. There’ll be a couple more enemies here, but much fewer than there were at the F.A.N.G Centre, so it shouldn’t be difficult to take them out.

Once you reach the waypoint in Linero Building Supplies, a cut-scene will start up in which you offer the salmon to Cheeseburger and he’ll eat it up before joining your side. It’s not quite over yet, though. 

There’ll be an incoming wave of enemies to contend with, but your new friend should be able to lighten the load for you, and when the dust settles, you’ll be notified that the quest is complete and Cheeseburger has been added to your Fangs for Hire. 

Congratulations! You’re now in command of a diabetic grizzly! Feel free to set him on the first cult member you find. 

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