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Hell Let Loose could be your Battlefield 5 replacement with its newest update

(Image credit: Black Matter)

If the final Battlefield 5 content update came too soon for your liking, you may want to give the latest update for Hell Let Loose a try.

Hell Let Loose is an Steam early access multiplayer shooter that sets players as infantry, tank operators, and commanders in massive World War 2 battles across the European Western Front. While its focus is more narrow than Battlefield 5 - which sends you to battles all over the world, and lets you join the fight as airplane pilots - it also has a lot more emphasis on coordination and emergent tactics between individual players and leaders on each side.

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Hell Let Loose just got its seventh major update today, overhauling both first and third-person animations, sound effects, and adding the all-new, urban-focused Carentan map. You can check out the lengthy patch notes on Steam if you want to learn more. The developers at Black Matter are also keeping an Early Access roadmap up-to-date, teasing a new melee system, more vehicles, more customization options, and better optimization in updates to come.

It's not going for hardcore simulation per se (the Steam user reviews will collectively point you toward the lethal grit of Post Scriptum if that's what you're after). But if you're looking for a World War 2 shooter that still seems to have its best days ahead of it, and you don't mind stretching your tactical brain a bit, you may want to give Hell Let Loose a try.

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