The last major Battlefield 5 content update is out now

(Image credit: EA)

The last big Battlefield 5 content update is out now, loading new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more into the online shooter.

The succinctly titled Summer Update arrived after the close of Chapter 6: Into the Jungle in June. While EA and DICE will keep adding new Community Games and further Company customization options, this is the last big addition of playable content currently planned for the game.

The centerpieces of the Battlefield 5 Summer Update are two new maps. Well, technically one new map and one significantly expanded one: there's Al Marj Encampment in Libya, an infantry-only battlefield for 64 players in Conquest and Breakthrough modes, and Provence, an expanded version of the French map that now allows for tank combat across the outskirts of the town. Both maps offer the U.S. and German armies as their playable belligerents.

Speaking of which, 14 new soldier characters have been added for the U.S. faction, along with two new soldiers for the Japanese. Whichever side you spawn into, you'll find an assortment of new weapons for each class, including the Welgun for medics and Welrod for all classes. Yes, I did single those guns out because I thought their names were funny, and yes, I did look them up to make sure they were real.

You'll receive those weapons and many more pieces of gear as free login bonuses if you play Battlefield 5 over the next few weeks. Otherwise you'll be able to pick them up in exchange for Company Coin later in June.

EA has announced a next-gen Battlefield game set to arrive by March 2022 and it looks like DICE is hiring up to work on it.

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