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Hayley Atwell talks Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell has been discussing with IGN what we can expect from Agent Carter, explaining where Peggy Carter is when the show picks up, and how she develops throughout the run.

“Well, this is one of the beauties of this show and how it grows through the season,” says Atwell. “It’s only been a year and she’s grieving him and I think what keeps her going is he was the greatest person she ever knew – even before he took the serum and became Captain America.”

“She knew his character and she saw a kindred spirit in him,” she continues. “So I think she’s grieving the loss of him but she’s also determined to make sure that his work wasn’t in vain. That gives her a tremendous amount of determination to carry on despite the obstacles that she comes across.”

“You see the personal struggles and the sacrifices that she had to make and you see her grief and that’s wonderful because you see the vulnerable side of Peggy. She becomes infinitely more relatable and more human because of that.”

However, she will find herself with a new man in her life in the form of Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler, who is charged with assisting Peggy whenever the opportunity presents itself.

“I think it’s kind of… they’re forced together,” explains Atwell. “He’s been told that he has to work with her and be available to her. But I think, from her point of view, she doesn’t need any help. But she needs someone who is in contact with Howard to help kind of run this mission.”

“So they have this very witty banter back and forth where she’s constantly having to go, ‘Look, dude, I don’t need your help! I am fine.’ But it’s a lovely dynamic between them because they’re both British. They both have that wit and that satire. Their language is a game of chess back and forth.”

Agent Carter will premiere in the US on 6 January 2015, with a UK air date yet to be confirmed.

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