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Guerrilla Games cracking down on Killzone 3 hackers

Playing Killzone 3 on a modded PS3? You may want to rethink your gameplan. In light of Sony'songoing battleof attrition with hackers, Guerrilla Games has made it clear it will be working with Sony to deal swift justice toplayers who use a jailbroken system to gain a competitiveonline edge.

"The ability for one person to ruin people's games is not a good prospect obviously, so we're working with Sony on the moderation side," said studio producer Steven Ter Heidein hischat with CVG, continuing, “We're looking at people misbehaving, being able to follow reports against those so that's all been taken care of - and we're working with Sony to see, even more aggressively, what kind of things are happening.”

Heideexplained that Guerrilla will be actively monitoring online leaderboards and player stats for suspicious activity, and taking action when foul play is evident.He also noted the studio was not adverse to issuing continual updates if that's what it takes to keep Killzone 3 unsullied by system modders, adding, “That's the reality now, we have to keep patching the game to make sure we keep getting one over the hackers."

Killzone 3 is onlya coupleday young, so we'll have to wait and see if Guerrilla can keep a lid on the PS3 tomfoolery. In the meantime jailbreakers, consider yourself...cautioned?


Feb 23, 2011

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