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Next week's GTA Online update adds gaudy ways to spend your Heist cash

GTA Online players will learn the true meaning of "conspicuous consumption" with Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 next week. Rockstar has revealed a gaggle of the new clothes, guns, and rides headed to GTA 5's multiplayer counterpart in its latest expansion across all platforms.

Ill-Gotten Gains will be the first significant update to GTA Online since Heists were added in March. Heists are a great way to "earn" cash, assuming you can make off with the goods before Los Santos' finest shoot you to death, and Ill-Gotten Gains is all about giving you new ways to squander it - including designer hoodies and "solid gold" aircraft.

Yeah, gold is heavy and not very strong, and as such maybe isn't the very best material to build a helicopter out of, but it sure does get the "I have more money than sense" point across tout de-frickin'-suite. You can make even more ill-informed purchases when Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 releases later this summer.

Remember to disable any of your GTA 5 PC mods before you dip back into GTA Online. Rockstar doesn't mind if you use mods in story mode, but bringing even the most innocuous tweak online is a quick way to get insta-banned.

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