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Grab a free code to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta on PS4 - UPDATE closed beta dates now revealed

Update: Aug 9, 2017

All the keys are now gone but if you haven't already redeemed your key, act fast as the Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT closed beta kicks off on Friday Aug 25 at 9pm PT and finishes on September 3 at 9pm PT.

**original story continues below**

Square Enix's promising 3 vs 3 brawler is out in early 2018 – don't miss our Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT hands-on preview to see why we're calling it 'Final Fantasy's version of Smash Bros' – and the good news is that you'll be able to play it even sooner. We've got 12,000 keys to give away for the PS4 closed beta later this year, with dates to follow shortly. All you have to do is enter your email address and follow the simple steps below to get your code to redeem on the Square Enix site. Two points, the keys are for the Sony America store only - so for NA and LATAM regions - and you won't need to have a PS Plus membership to play.

How to redeem your code

  • Get your code above
  • Register for a free account at Square Enix
  • Enter your 6 letters + 3 digit + 6 letters + 3 digits code on the 'Redeem your code page'
  • Hit 'check code'
  • Click 'register product'
  • Accept the Closed Beta tester agreement
  • A final page will show your status as pending in preparation for the distribution of the PSN keys later this year
  • Keep an eye on your email for the closed beta dates and your key
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