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Get SFX Issue One On Zinio Or Your Apple Device!

See where SFX began back in 1995 by downloading our very first issue!

The universe of early 1995 was a very different place to the one we live in now. While The X-Files and Star Trek were jostling for world domination, Doctor Who was in limbo, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was just a barely remembered high school movie, and Jar Jar Binks wasn't even a twinkle in George Lucas's eye.

Into those worlds came SFX , which rapidly became the number one science fiction and fantasy magazine in the known universe. Some 19 years and 250 issues after its launch in May 1995, it's still going strong, so to mark its 250th issue (on sale from Wednesday 25 June), we're making that very first issue available digitally on Newsstand for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (available now) and Zinio .

New and existing digital SFX subscribers get issue one for free, while it's available to buy individually for £1.49/$1.99.

So take a trip back to a time when VHS review sections were all the rage and the internet was new, in a packed issue including features on Jim Henson's Creature Shop, The Six Million Dollar Man and an interview with the late, great Iain M Banks, and much, much more. Disclaimer: we don't know what we were thinking putting Tank Girl on the cover either.

SFX Magazine is the world's number one sci-fi, fantasy, and horror magazine published by Future PLC. Established in 1995, SFX Magazine prides itself on writing for its fans, welcoming geeks, collectors, and aficionados into its readership for over 25 years. Covering films, TV shows, books, comics, games, merch, and more, SFX Magazine is published every month. If you love it, chances are we do too and you'll find it in SFX.