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Get £30 off Sony’s official PS4 Gold wireless headset at Argos (it’s £50)

Get £30 off Sony’s official PS4 Gold wireless headset at Argos (it’s £50)

Just in time for the festive season and all that extra gaming time we’ll have (hopefully), Argos is offering a real tempter for those on the lookout for one of the PS4’s official headsets with the Gold model (in black, 500 million navy blue or the brand new white colouring) for £49.99. This is a fine headset and the more affordable PS4-designated headset from Sony (the other being the also-excellent Platinum version). The new white model retains the sleek design but the colour gives it an extra premium feel and finish. 

Sony's PS4 Gold wireless headset in white at Argos for £49.99
Also available in two other colours, this is the more-affordable official headset from Sony, and will be perfect for any PS4 owner as it is such a terrific headset - particular at this price.View Deal

The Gold headset has some great features to enhance your PS4 gaming experience. It has 7.1 surround sound, noise-cancelling, hidden microphones that don’t impact on the design - nothing sticking out from the headset here - and, as its the official Sony model, you’ll get access to tailor-made audio modes for particular games like God of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. They are very comfortable and, as a bonus for those that have it, are made to be compatible and comfy with PS VR systems too.

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