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Get a free copy of 'The Retro Gamer Book of Arcade Classics' worth £10 by voting in the Golden Joysticks 2017

'The Retro Gamer Book of Arcade Classics' collects the magazine's greatest arcade content so you can relive one of gaming’s most significant periods. Now you can claim a free copy, worth £9.99, by voting for your favorite games in the  35th Golden Joystick Awards Presented by Omen with HP.

VOTE NOW! Head here to register your vote for the Golden Joysticks 2017 and claim your free copy of 'The Retro Gamer Book of Arcade Classics'. 

The book covers on the origins of iconic games and will take you back to more innocent times when arcades ruled the world. Learn more about classics like Golden Axe, Asteroids and Donkey Kong, and enjoy interviews with Jeff Minter, Nolan Bushnell and more. 

If you already own this book, or would rather read something else, you can also choose from 'The PlayStation Book, 2nd Edition', PC Gamer's 'The Best PC Games Ever', 'Nintendo Switch', 'The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Vol. 20', and Edge magazine's 'The 100 Greatest Video Games'. You'll receive instructions for claiming your gift via email after you've submitted your votes.

The 35th Golden Joystick Awards will be hosted by comedian and Assassin's Creed star Danny Wallace, and takes place on November 17 in London. Catch the official Twitch livestream to watch the ceremony as well as interviews, trailers, and more.  

Rachel Weber

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