Get 25% off Xbox One and PS4 controllers at Walmart, before Christmas

Get 25% off PS4 and Xbox One controllers

Fancy a cheaper official controller for Xbox One or PS4? Walmart are running sales on a variety of colors for both, and you’ll save about $15 or more on each handset. Because they’re usually wince-inducingly expensive, it’s well worth jumping on the deal before it vanishes. Shipping is generally free within the USA and stock is going down fast, so make sure you move quickly. We’ve posted the best bargains below, including classic black DualShock 4s for $43.99 and Xbox One controllers in classy white, Phantom Black, and more.

If you're planning to play some games with the family this Christmas, and you need an extra controller or two, this is the best time to buy. Plus, they might make a good stocking-stuffer for your friends too.

PS4 controllers

PS4 controller (classic black) is $43.99 at Walmart (save 25%)
If you'd like a second controller for couch co-op or yours has almost given up the ghost, get a bargain at Walmart on the original DualShock 4.View Deal

PS4 controller (Crystal) is $46.96 at Walmart (was $64.99)
Transparent controllers are back in vogue, so treat yourself to this see-through PS4 controller.View Deal

PS4 controller (Magma Red) for $46.94 at Walmart (normally $58.99)
Save money on PlayStation 4's attractive, eye-catching Magma Red controller at Walmart.View Deal

PS4 controller (Midnight Blue) is $43.99 at Walmart (save 25%)
It's a good day when you can get a slick-looking PS4 controller below $45.View Deal

PS4 controller (Blue Camo) is $43.99 at Walmart (save 25%)
Get a good saving on a controller that would make Solid Snake proud for $43.99.View Deal

PS4 controller (Gold) is $44.77 at Walmart (save 25%)
Buy the bling-iest PS4 controller for less at Walmart - in fact, you can save around 25% thanks to this price-cut.View Deal

Xbox One controllers

Xbox One wireless controller (classic black) is $46.88 at Walmart (save 20%)
Grab a good deal on the classic Xbox One controller, now available for $46.88 at Walmart.View Deal

Xbox One wireless controller (White) is $46.76 at Walmart (save 20%)
Pick up this classy number at a very affordable $46.76 and save around 20%. How could we say no to that?View Deal

Xbox One wireless controller (Phantom Black special edition) for $48.18 (save $11) 
Get hold of this special edition Xbox One controller for a lot less than its $69.99 asking-price.View Deal

Xbox One wireless controller (Gray/Green) is $49.88 at Walmart (save $15)
Snatch up this slick handset for an oh-so-tempting $49.88 (down from $64.99).View Deal

Xbox One wireless controller (Blue) is $49.91 at Walmart (save $15)
Get a cool blue Xbox One handset for less from Walmart - save $15 and buy it for $49.91.View Deal

Xbox One wireless controller (Red) is $49.88 at Walmart (save $15) 
Move fast on this Xbox One controller - it's selling out quickly at $49.88, so don't hang about.View Deal

If you’d like to up your game with a more high-end handset, head over to our guides on how to get the best Xbox One controller cheap or how to nab the top PS4 controller cheap

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