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Game of Thrones gets a visit from Sesame Street's Elmo and it's perfect

No, Uncle Larry didn't spike your morning coffee again, that really is Elmo from Sesame Street sitting down with Game of Thrones' Tyrion and Cersei Lannister. Of all the Game of Thrones season 8 theories we had, this was not one of them. 

As Cersei and Tyrion bicker, Elmo of Sesame Street pulls up a chair to explain the importance of listening and learning when faced with disagreements, and even gets Cersei to agree to take a break from incest and murder to try. How different Westeros could have been. 

Of course, this isn't the biggest plot twist since Jon Snow's parentage, but an adorable and educational video promoting respect. Sesame Street airs on HBO in America, so it's a nice spot of network collaboration, and honestly the only Game of Thrones season 8 clip that's remotely suitable for children. There's also one for Westworld. 

"As part of Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary celebration, we have a campaign highlighting the importance of respecting one another, even in disagreement—and even in the case of sworn enemies," explains a statement from HBO. 

Given the content of both shows, these videos will probably mean more to nostalgic parents and millennials than actual children, but *looks to camera* doesn't the world need respect and kindness now more than ever?

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