New Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 images tease Jaime’s judgement, and a Daenerys/Sam reconciliation

New images have been released for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2, and they might look generic at first. But they’re not. Ok, so they might not show amazing battle sequences or Daenerys bellowing “dracarys” from Drogon’s back, but they do hint that episode 2 is all about prepping for the oncoming battle between the White Walkers and those who are camped out at Winterfell. I’ve picked out the most important ones below, so get reading...

The image above shows Daenerys looking disarmingly charming, but look behind her and you can tell she’s in the library. Sam is a fan of those dusty old tomes and the invaluable knowledge they hold, so it is possible that Daenerys is talking to him one-on-one to maybe (gasp) apologise for executing both his father and brother? Ok, so she might not be apologising, but there’s a chance she’s trying to make it up to Sam in her own way. The Valyrian can be empathetic when she wants to, and that side of her has been lacking recently, so maybe this is her soft side coming out to comfort Jon’s close friend. When it suits her strategically, of course. 

Above is the obvious judgement of Jaime in front of - most likely - Daenerys, Sansa, and Jon, as in the previous video teaser for the episode, Daenerys was explaining with barely-concealed fury how she and Viserys used to fantasise about what they’d do to the Kingslayer. Jaime looks scared out of his mind, so things aren’t looking good for Game of Thrones’ best character (fight me). 

The last one I’m going to draw your attention to is this shot of Jon looking over something with Arya beside him. Bet you all the dragons in Westeros that that’s a battle plan for how they’re going to tackle the White Walkers arriving at Winterfell. If you look at the other images in the gallery below, you can see that more photos appear to have been taken in the same room, implying that everyone has gathered together - even Samwell and his raised eyebrow - to hear Jon’s plan. Judging by the look on Samwell’s face, the King in the North is probably suggesting something bizarre. But what could that be?

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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