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Get a free PlayStation Classic when you buy a PS4 Pro from Best Buy today

Best Buy is offering a one-day-only deal today, April 29, that's perfect for anyone needing a double dose of PlayStation goodness. When you buy a PS4 Pro from Best Buy, you'll get Sony's throwback mini-console, the PlayStation Classic, as a free bonus.

If you somehow missed the PlayStation Classic when it launched last December, this miniaturized model of the PS1 comes packed with 20 games of varying quality. You'll find some stone-cold classics like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, and Wild Arms installed on the system, brushing shoulders with a few stinkers like Destruction Derby and the original Battle Arena Toshinden. It comes with two replica PS1 controllers for instant two-player gaming and an HDMI to easily plug in to any modern TV.     


PlayStation 4 Pro with PlayStation Classic for $399.99 at Best Buy (save $40)
Buy Sony's most powerful console yet, and get a blast from the past with a collection of 20 PS1 games including classics and curios. 

The cost of the PlayStation Classic dipped rather quickly from its $99.99 launch price, likely due to sharply declining demand and word-of-mouth slamming the console's subpar emulation. You can currently get a PlayStation Classic for just $40 on Amazon. That said, if you're already in the market for a PS4 Pro, the PlayStation Classic definitely makes for a fun freebie, and will get you quite a bit of nostalgic fun if you're in the mood to party like it's 1995. To reiterate, Best Buy is only bundling in the PlayStation Classic with PS4 Pro purchases today, so if this deal sounds like enough to push you over the edge, hop to it! And if you miss out, no worries - we're always keeping track of the best PS4 Pro deals.

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