Best Fortnite Creative codes: the 8 best custom maps in March 2019


When you're tired of battle royale, Fortnite Creative codes are the best thing to play either alone or with pals. These are Fortnite custom maps created by the Fortnite community and playable in Creative mode that Epic has taken a shine to and published so everyone can enjoy them. You're guaranteed some good stuff with any Fortnite Creative code, but these are the absolute best Fortnite Creative codes available in March 2019.

This list will update month by month so you can stay up to date with the top Fortnite custom maps, from adventure and puzzle maps to mini games and spectatular structures. There's something for everyone here and maybe some of these Fortnite creative codes will eventually be featured on The Block!

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Compact Combat [P_recs] - 5320-7315-4181

Fortnite Season 8 may be here now, but now you can relive Fortnite Season 7 in miniature form through P_recs' Compact Combat! It's a gorgeous recreation of the old Fortnite map, except everything is teeny weeny small, so you can roleplay as a giant stomping through Tilted Towers. It even includes a scaled down Avengers Tower on the mini version of The Block!

Escape the Dream 2 [QJAG] - 4554-3196-9055

In January, we featured the first Escape the Dream map by QJAG and they've wasted no time in creating another. Escape The Dream 2 follows the same format as the first: it's an adventure map and your only goal is to make it to the end. This time though, there's two different paths you can take and a lot more to explore. Expect to be confused as you meander through the trippy effects, and hope you still have your sanity by the end of it.

Cizzorz DeathRun 2.0 [ItsCizzorz] - 1579-1331-4850

Cizzorz is one of the best Fortnite streamers and a pro player for FaZe Clan, so to master his death run course, you need to have incredible understanding of the intricate Fortnite mechanics. Being able to pinpoint your landings with Impulse Grenades, triggering damage traps then running through them without being hurt, and using chiller traps to make some incredible parkour jumps are just three examples of the skills you'll need to display to reach the end of this incredibly tough course.

Fortnite Mini Golf [IdiotsPlayGames] - 6297-1471-3952

If you don't want to leave the house to play mini golf, why not try it in Fortnite? IdiotsPlayGames and Tollmolia have created a Fortnite mini golf course, and all you need to enjoy it is the golf ball toy emote. Bring your friends in and play through the 15 holes, keeping score then see who can be the Fortnite version of Tiger Woods!

The Enrichment Center [notnellaf] - 7332-3216-8433

What's better than one Portal themed Fortnite Creative map? Two Portal themed Fortnite Creative maps! Reddit user notnellaf has created their vision of the Portal Enrichment Center. It doesn't use the mind bending techniques for portals like the prior one does, but it's got a plethora of clever levels and you'll need to think outside of the box to get to the finish.

World's Biggest Map [PrudizCreations] - 4694-2431-5247

Every Fortnite Creative map is constrained to an island, but PrudizCreations has used up all 100,000 storage space with this incredible free-for-all map. There's a plethora of launch pads littered around for easy navigation from one place to another and at the bottom, there's a cluster of chests full of gold weapons for fighting purposes.

The Walls [THCommandBlocks] - 6484-8535-6911

If you played a lot of Minecraft multiplayer back in the day, you'll remember the classic Walls PvP maps. The concept is simple: four players or teams had a certain amount of time to loot up, then the central walls would come crashing down and everyone would fight. THCommandBlocks has created it in Fortnite and it works just as well as the original. Grab three friends and have the ultimate deathmatch.

Carnival Carnage [IdiotsPlayGames] - 7489-9923-2518

This is absolutely nuts. IdiotsPlayGames is one of the best Fortnite Creative creators out there, and Carnival Carnage is a hilarious mini game for up to six players. The premise is simple; avoid all of the vehicles as they hurtle toward you and try to stay alive longer than your pals. It's much harder than it sounds though, because Quadcrashers and ATKs hurtle towards you at high speeds and fling you into the sky. It's downright hilarious.