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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Lucky Landing chest locations [F10/G9] - 17 chests total

1. Dojo roof

Build up to the top of the large dojo just outside of Lucky and grab this chest in the roof.

2. Dojo first floor

Hop down from the roof and this chest is on the first floor of the dojo.

3. Dojo ground floor

Right underneath it is another chest on ground level.

4. North hill hut

Leave the dojo to the west and go up the hill. This chest is on the bench in the small hut.

5. North-eastern building ground floor

In the main Lucky area, this chest is on the ground floor of the north-eastern building in a small walkway.

6. North-eastern building roof

Go upstairs to the top floor and build up one more level to find this chest under the roof.

7. Eastern tower

South from the last building is the tallest tower which has a chest on the open platform.

8. Southern tower

Keep going south to the tower on the hill. This chest is on the first floor, right above the door.

9. South-eastern building first floor

Drop down to the large building in the south-east corner. This chest is on the first floor in the eastern office.

10. South-eastern building roof

Climb up to the top floor to find this chest under the roof.

11. Corner shop ground floor

Over to the next building and you’ll see it’s a small corner shop. Head through the door by the counter to find this chest on a table.

12. Corner shop roof

Head upstairs and build up to the platform under the roof for another chest.

13. Western building roof

Head past the orange motorhome and into the next building. The only chest is upstairs under the roof again.

14. Western hut

Leave the main Lucky area for a second to walk west down the gravel path. There’s a chest in the small hut by the tree.

15. Centre tree

Back into Lucky and the huge pink tree in the very centre often has a chest inside.

16. Cafe counter

The cafe on the north side is the final building. Look behind the counter for the first chest.

17. Cafe roof

Build up behind the counter to find this chest under the roof.

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