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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Tomato Temple chest locations [G4] - 14 chests total

1. Under wooden bridge

When you approach Tomato Temple from Wailing Woods, you’ll pass underneath a wooden bridge. Build up to the platform beneath the walkway for this chest.

2. Top of Tomato Temple

A big change towards the end of Fortnite Season 5 has seen Tomato Town transformed into a Tomato Temple! At the top of the temple, under Tomato Head, you'll find a chest.

3. Temple south steps

Underneath the steps heading south from the top of the temple, you'll find a chest you can access through a hole in the wall or by breaking through.

4. Temple base east

On the east side of the temple base at street level is a hole in the wall near an overturned RV, leading to a hidden chest.

5. Small north ruin

To the north of the area is a small ruin with this chest on the roof.

6. Lower level ruins north

Head down the long steps to the lower level ruins, then look north to find a chest up on a ledge.

7. Lower level ruins south

Also from the bottom of the long steps, go south to find another chest tucked behind a wall.

8. Lower level ruins west

In the same lower ruins area, there's a chest to the west sat on top of a pillar.

9. & 10. Hidden cave

In the the northwest corner of the location up on an overhanging ledge is a cave with the entrance blocked by fallen rocks - break through them to find two chests and the stone Tomato Head.

11. Brick house garage

Balanced precariously over the lower ruins is the only house in Tomato Temple. This chest is above the garage.

12. Brick house attic

Head up to the attic for another chest.

13. & 14. Tunnel wall

Walk into the tunnel to the south of Tomato Temple. When you reach the car parked against the right hand wall, break the wall behind it. These two chests are there.

Fortnite Containers chest locations [H4/H5] - 8 chests total

1. Back of the lorry

When you approach Containers from the left, this chest is in the back of the parked lorry.

2. North-west stairs

Walk round to the left and down the stairs on the corner. This chest is in the crate about halfway up.

3. Centre floor

Head right to the middle and you’ll see this chest on the floor.

4. North-east container

Keep walking east from the middle chest and build a ramp onto the north-east containers. This one is inside the second container in the stack, with the entrance pointing north.

5. North-east stairs

Go up the stairs in the north-east corner and you’ll find this one right at the top.

6. South-east stairs

Cross the ramp leading to the middle and this chest is at the top of the south-eastern stairs. Make sure you build a platform to reach it.

7. South-west stairs

This chest is by the south-west stairs, underneath the metal platform at the top.

8. Hanging container

There’s an open crate hanging above the entire area. This is where you’ll find the final crate, although you need to build quite a few platforms to reach it.

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