How to enable Fortnite 2FA and unlock the Boogie Down emote

If you've spent seasons unlocking skins, emotes and dances in Fortnite you want to protect what you've earned and Fortnite 2FA keeps your account safe. Fortnite two-factor authentication adds a layer of protection to your Fortnite login that makes it much harder for people to hack your account and steal your stuff. And Epic will reward you for doing it as well with a free boogie down emote which will let you express your security conscious advantage through the medium of dance next time you play. 

Think about it: you've probably got several seasons of Fortnite skins, gliders, emotes and dances unlocked from months of hard work completing challenges. It makes sense you'd want an extra layer of protection to make sure no one else can steal it by hacking your account. Using Fortnite 2FA means no one can log in without a special code that's sent out every time you sign in. 

Here's a Fortnite 2 Factor Authentication guide to help you get set up and sleep easier at nights.

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What is Fortnite 2FA?

Two factor authentication - 2FA for short - is essentially a way of keeping your Fortnite account more secure. Since Fortnite is so popular, there's always people trying to hack your account and gain access to your favourite skins, so enabling 2FA is absolutely mandatory for stopping unwanted intruders.

The way it works is by making it so whenever you (or someone else) tries to access your Fortnite account from a new machine, you will need to prove its legitimate by inputting a code. This can either be emailed to you or provided via an authenticator app - the preference is yours - and while it can be annoying if you have to do it frequently, it means your account will be completely secure. As long as you don't give anyone the unique 2FA code, of course.

How to enable 2FA on Fortnite

To enable 2FA on your Fortnite account, simply head to Log in to your Epic Games account and underneath the option to change your password, you should see the option to enable either email 2FA or authenticator app 2FA. Pick your preferred option and follow the instructions on screen to enable Fortnite 2FA.

How to get the Boogie Down emote through Fortnite 2FA

Enabling 2FA on your account will get you the Fortnite Boogie Down emote, which has been available for a few months now - next time you log in, you should receive your reward. So if you haven't got Fortnite 2FA yet, voila - you have a brand new dance to use in-game!

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