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For Your Consideration #5

As we enter the final days of voting for this year’s SFX Awards, the team reveal some of their own personal choices. Today, Jordan names his choice for Best Dialogue Of The Year.

For Your Consideration

Chuck, “Oh cool, a tiny weapons standoff.”

For: Best Dialogue

You’ve heard the team’s two-pence-worth on some of the SFX Award’s major categories (Best TV Show, Best Actor, etc) but I want to bring an award which always seems to fly under the radar to your attention: Best Dialogue. It’s often overlooked precisely because we all hear 1,000s of lines of dialogues over the course of a season in each and every show we watch, and picking one from a show like Chuck (which is brimming with quotable dialogue every week) and then remembering to vote for it six months later would take the memory skills of a human encyclopaedia.

That’s why I’m urging you all to vote for the line “Oh cool, a tiny weapons standoff” from “Chuck Versus The First Fight” for Best Dialogue. It’s not deep, it’s not meaningful, it’s not even strictly true (I wouldn’t exactly call a small mirror a “weapon”) but ex-Bond Timothy Dalton delivers the line with such child-like gusto it had me in uncontrollable fits for a cheek-achingly long amount of time. Just look at the expression on his face. Says it all really. It’s a silly, throwaway moment in an episode I should remember for Dalton’s magnificent performance or the fact Chuck’s intersect gets blocked, or the bank robbery, or Ellie’s emotional confrontation with her mum, but I keep coming back to that ridiculous altercation.

The fact it comes in the middle of an incredibly well choreographed fight scene which wouldn’t look out of place in a mega-budget action movie sums up the wacky appeal of Chuck for me – a show that couldn’t get more ridiculous if it tried. But it’s why I love it.


The SFX Awards 2011 will be announced at the SFX Weekender 2 at a star studded ceremony. Buy your tickets to the SFX Weekender by calling our ticket hotline on 08700 110034 or visit for more details.