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First Looper poster revealed

Looper , the upcoming action sci-fi from Brick director Rian Johnson, is a film that we're particularly excited about, so we were pleased to see the first poster revealed… and it's looking rather cool.

Anyone who has followed the film with a passing interest will be unsurprised to discover that the poster focusses on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, who play the same character, Joe, at different points in time.

JGL plays a hitman who whacks targets sent back in time from 30 years in the future, but he faces a brain-melting conundrum when tasked with offing his older self.

Johnson has always subverted genre expectations, and we expect him to continue that with Looper . Here's hoping for a lo-fi Inception , with the same combo of cool concept and jaw-dropping execution.

There's something in Gordon-Levitt's leather jacket that recalls Chris Nolan's sci-fi cranium-buster, and it's nice to see an action flick exercising subtlety in its execution (from the visual echoes between the two men, to the explosive detailing).

Check out the Looper poster below:

/Film had the exclusive poster, and apparently there's more goodies (namely a teaser trailer) coming our way next week. Bring it on!

Looper opens in the UK on 28 September 2012. If we had a black-market time machine, we'd be tapping in that date right now.