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Far Cry 3 path of the hunter missions guide

South Island Missions

Location: Lazy Shore Marina Outpost

Kill 5 Rabid Dogs with Flamethrower

Reward: $350

Another mission where you need to rid the island of rabid dogs, but this time, instead of an RPG, you will need to use a flamethrower. Before you hit the marked area, stock up on some Fire Proof syringes and then light them up.

Location: Satellite Communications Hub Outpost

Kill 3 Leopards with Sniper Rifle

Reward: $350

Much like the deer mission that required you to snipe them, your best bet is to tag the leopards from afar before opening fire on them so that you can see where they run to after the first leopard is shot.

Location: Spine Ridge Site Outpost

Kill 3 Tigers with SMG

Reward: $300

Although the mission sounds daunting to kill 3 tigers with a SMG, using the Animal Repellant syringe makes it laughably easy. The three tigers are usually located close to each other and will start to run once fired upon. Stay on them as they do and you’ll take down all three in no time.

Location: North Krige Crest Outpost

Kill 2 Bears with Shotgun

Reward: $300

Not one of the most difficult of the hunting missions, but a good mission for an easy $300. Simply go to the marked area after picking up the shotgun and the two bears will be in a cave.

Location: Dry Palm Storage Depot Outpost

Kill 3 Bears with Pistol

Reward: $400

Unlike the previous hunting mission where you were able to use a shotgun to kill 2 bears, for this one you get to use a pistol to kill three bears. Bears you say? LET’S USE PISTOLS! Again, without the animal repellant syringe this would be rather difficult as the bears are bullet sponges, but if you inject yourself, the only hard part is keeping bullets in your gun with all the reloading.

Location: Krige Valley River Fishing Outpost

Kill 4 Leopards with Flamethrower

Reward: $400

For this mission, tag the leopards before you attack them as they will bolt much faster than the dogs do when the flames start to spread.

Location: Bridge Control Outpost

Kill the Rare Crocodile with Machete

Rare Animal – Albino Crocodile

Reward: $450

Although the target of this mission is a rare animal, you don’t actually get to use its skin for anything other than selling. Go to the designated area, and the crocodile will just be lounging in the water near a dock. Wrestle with it in the water once you spot it and then quickly get back to land as there are other crocs nearby.

Location: Point Break Docks Outpost

Kill 4 Komodo Dragons with Bow

Reward: $450

This mission offers a hefty reward for a pretty mundane undertaking. Listen for the hissing of the dragons as you enter the area and then try to get yourself to higher ground, such as on top of a rock, or a car. Tag each dragon so that you can find them once the arrows start flying and be sure to retrieve your arrows from each dragon after you kill it

Location: Bridge Control Outpost #2

Reward: $500

Kill 2 bear’s with a machete

If you have the upgraded knife from the store, then this mission will be much faster, as it just tears through enemies. If not however, the machete will do fine, albeit a bit longer. Once you reach the marked area, inject yourself with Animal Repellent and then go toe to toe with each bear until they drop.

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