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Far Cry 3 letters of the lost locations guide

North Island: BadTown

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11 - Letter #7: Mogi’s Third Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 682.0 Y: 811.0

Not one of the easiest letters/bodies to spot, but you’ll be able to find it in the corner of a small passage from the main corridor and going to the right. To find the passage, you’ll need to go to the black line on the map indicating a cave entrance that is to the west of the letter marker on the map.

12 - Letter #11: Shinji’s Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 798.9 Y: 749.7

North of the Tequila Sunrise outpost, there will be a small road that leads you to this letter map marker. Simply enter the doorway that leads down a set of stairs. Follow the corridor through the broken wall and you will come to the body at the far end.

13 - Letter #12: Hayato’s First Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 800.0 Y: 756.1

Go to the far south waterline and look for the wooden bridge just south of the letter marker. There will be a cave there that you can enter to find the body.

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