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Fallout 4 Holotape Games location guide

Fallout 4 Holotape Games location guide

It’s nice to know that video games will persist, Fallout 4 Holotape Games specifically - even when the nukes drop and everything around us evaporates into choking radioactive dust. In the world of Fallout 4, some enterprising developers somewhere have assumedly been coding away, getting their entertainment projects ready for the public from the comfort of their radiation shelters. The result? There are a series of games you can discover and play on your Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV if you need to take your mind off your relentless survivalism for just a moment.

There are five different Robco Fun games that you can collect and install into that wonderful little wrist-mounted device in Fallout 4. All you need to do to enable them on your Pip-Boy is collect each game’s respective holotape. The discerning gamers amongst you may notice that each title bears a resemblance to a real-world classic (Donkey Kong, Missile Command and Space Invaders eat your hearts out), so you may even start playing these games and feel like a veteran straight away.

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