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Exclusive leaked memo from the Pan Pacific Defense Corps

We’ve got our hands on a document that was only intended for the eyes of the Great Britain Air Command and the PPDC (the Pan Pacific Defense Corps).

It seems that GB powers are putting forward their most able specimens to pilot 'mechanical goliaths' for the fight against a monstrous threat known as Kaiju. It seems as though the beast has become ‘a menace no nation can ignore’. The threat’s going global.

Check out the leaked memo in full below:

[ Click on the memo to see it in hi-res ]

If you’re after more information, you can now head to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps official website .

There you can see a test of the Kaiju Emergency Alert. We’re guessing that this particular test will be put into practice pretty soon.

Check out the video here:

The website also features a countdown set to end on 12 December 2012. To what, we can only guess...