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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses

Key #9

At a certain point in the chapter, you'll have to plop through a giant hole in the floor and into a room with a creepy baby doll sitting on a table. Scurrying around this room is a rat that someone very deranged and very fast, has managed to capture and tie a figurine to. The rat will stick to this area, so you can take your time lining up the shot.

Key #10

After meeting up with Joseph and Kidman again, you'll need to race against the clock during an event. Once this is over, you'll pass back through a corridor lined with cells that you now have the time to explore, once you melee smash the padlocks from the doors. The figurine in the first cell on the left.

Key #11

You'll soon bump into the woman with the excess arms and unruly hair in a room bathed in red light. You can lead her back through the corridor and set the pool of oil alight to send her packing. Once she's cleared out, head into the room where she spawned and open the locker. The maniac with lightning reflexes has been at it again, but this time with a crow. Did they glue the statuette on? How is the damn thing staying upright? Who knows. Shoot the poor sod down to end its misery and grab the key.

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