The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 3 - Claws of the Horde

Key #3

After the doctor has distracted the horde, you'll be able to move into the next area of this map. On the right-hand side is a tall wooden watchtower. From the base, you can look up to see the statuette balanced on the struts. Don't bother trying to shoot it down with the pistol as the range just isn't great enough.

Instead, make your way inside the house next to it, taking care to avoid the gunfire of the shooter on the left side of the map, and take out the Haunted inside. Head up the stairs to the balcony, clearing out any more Haunted up here and you can pop out onto the balcony directly opposite the tower. Pull out your peashooter and shoot it down.

Key #4

Along the main path is a rope stretching between 2 buildings. The next statue is dangling from it. Rather than risk getting shot at, you can destroy this statuette while on your way to do the same with the first one.

When you're on the top floor of the first house, peek out of the window to shoot both the statuette and dispose of that pesky sniper.

Key #5

Facing the doorway to the barn, follow the outer wall to the right to see a statuette on top of the stone wall.

Key #6

Head inside the barn and scoot up the ladders to the very top floor where you'll find some loot and a figurine.

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