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Everything we learned in today's Destiny 2 Season of Dawn reveal: new Artifact, Exotics, mods, the Sundial, and more

(Image credit: Bungie)

On the heels of a spicy trailer which revealed the return of Saint-14, today Bungie delved into the finer points of Destiny 2's upcoming Season of Dawn in a full-fat reveal stream. We saw the new Artifact, some cool armor mods, the Sundial horde mode in action, and quite possibly the best armor Bungie's ever designed. You can watch the full stream here, and read on for the most important info. 

Let's start with the new Artifact, the Lantern of Osiris. This works just like the Artifact in the Season of Undying: earning XP will unlock more slots for Artifact mods and stack on the Power levels. However, the mods available on the Lantern of Osiris are very different. Here are all the mods we saw today: 

First column: 

  • Anti-Barrier Ranger: grants anti-barrier rounds for scout rifles, pulse rifles, or bows. 
  • Unstoppable Shot (scout rifle)
  • Unstoppable Burst (pulse rifle)
  • Unstoppable [Bow]
  • Overloading [Auto Rifle]

Second column:  

  • Enhanced Rifle Loader (3 cost)
  • Enhanced Unflinching Rifle Aim (3 cost)
  • Enhanced Bow Loader (2 cost)
  • Enhanced Sniper Rifle Loader (2 cost)
  • Enhanced Linear Fusion Targeting (2 cost)

Fifth column: 

  • Guardian Angel (4 cost): grants a chance to generate healing orbs for you on scout rifle, sniper rifle, bow, and linear fusion rifle precision final blows.  

(Image credit: Bungie)

We didn't get to see any mods in the third or fourth columns, but from the mod icons shown, it looks like the same suite of Void mods is back. A few other things jump out here. One, anti-Champion mods are now found in the first column, making them easier to get. Two, this season's Artifact weapon mods cater to precision weapons, namely scout rifles, pulse rifles, bows, and linear fusion rifles. And three, the Enhanced weapon mods available in the Artifact are no longer one-cost mods, bringing them more in line with normal weapon mods. 

In addition to these Artifact mods, we saw a selection of Season of Dawn armor mods which can be applied to seasonal armor. These mods leverage a new mechanic called Charged with Light. Some mods charge you with Light, others spend your charged Light. From the sound of it, you build up multiple stacks of Light by repeating charge conditions, and some mods that spend charges actually cost stats like Discipline and Intellect, which is cool to see. 

Anyway, here's everything that was shown: 

  • Shield Break Charge (1 cost): become Charged with Light by breaking an enemy shield with the matching energy type. 
  • Empowered Finish (1 cost): become Charged with Light by finishing a combatant, consuming one-tenth of your Super energy. 
  • Precisely Charged (1 cost Void, -10 Discipline): become Charged with Light by getting multiple rapid precision final blows with linear fusion rifles or sniper rifles. 
  • High-Energy Fire (4 cost): while Charged with Light, gain a bonus to weapon damage. Each defeated enemy consumes one stack of Charged with Light. 
  • Protective Light (2 cost Void, -10 Strength): while Charged with Light, you gain significant damage resistance against combatants when your shields are destroyed. This effect consumes all stacks of Charged with Light. The more stacks consumed, the longer the damage resistance lasts. 

(Image credit: Bungie)

Between healing abilities, weapon-specific kill skills, and stacking ability charges, Bungie's really playing up the MMORPG side of Destiny 2 this season, which is encouraging. It'll be interesting to see how the Solar-specific Artifact mods play into things, especially after the raft of subclass changes coming this season. 

To cap the stream off, Bungie showed a fireteam playing through the first section of the Sundial, the new six-player matchmade horde mode which will replace Vex Offensive in the Season of Dawn. It will have a normal mode and a Legendary mode, with the latter requiring a pre-built fireteam much like the Heroic Menagerie. 

From what we saw, the main mechanic of the Sundial - or at least the section that was shown - involves killing certain enemies to collect orbs which must be thrown at shielded enemies to render them vulnerable. This may change between runs, as Bungie says different timelines converge to create randomized fights. The Legendary mode will also likely change things up - hopefully in a more meaningful way than the Vex Offensive's Final Assault. Additionally, new Sundial bosses will arrive throughout the Season of Dawn, as shown on the updated seasonal roadmap: 

(Image credit: Bungie)

Speaking of which, the Season of Dawn roadmap shows two Exotic quests: one for the Devil's Ruin sidearm, and the Bastion, which I believe is a pulse rifle. A third Exotic, some sort of Arc scout rifle, was shown in the reveal trailer, but this is earned via the Season Pass. Season Pass owners will receive it at level one, while everyone else will get it at level 35. Think of it as the new Eriana's Vow. 

That's everything we saw today. The Season of Dawn begins on Tuesday, December 10, so we'll learn more about what it has to offer soon enough. For now, I'm optimistic, in part because I am so hungry for this armor:  

(Image credit: Bungie)

Head here for more on how the Destiny 2 Season Pass works. We'll have an updated guide to the Season of Dawn pass once it's available.  

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