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Eva Green discusses Tim Burtons Dark Shadows

eva green

Eva Green has revealed details about her blonde “sexy witch” in Tim Burton’s adaptation of TV show Dark Shadows.

The French actress will play Angelique in the gothic soap opera, who has a love-hate relationship with vampire Barnabas Collins (Depp).

“I haven’t seen the TV series,” Green tells MTV , “but from what I’ve seen on the Internet, it’s very different.

“My character is very different. She’s American, blonde, cool, in the ’70s. She is this sexy witch, very powerful in town, she’s very cool. She has many faces.”

As for Burton’s take on the project, Green reveals it’s a strike in a new direction for the filmmaker.

“It’s something that he’s never done, I think,” she says. “It’s much more focused on the actors. It could almost be a play.”