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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Ventureland: A Captain’s Life for Me [Part 2]

Hitting all three switches drains the water at the level’s start. Head here to find the door to Hook’s library.

Inside, open the chest to acquire the Map of Tortooga. Return this to Billy to complete the quest.

For Damien’s side of the quest, you’ll have to find Hook’s treasure. Start by painting in the mirrors in the area. The first is at the top of the lift.

The second is above Daisy’s house.

The third is above a doorway on the same walkway as the Little Pigs’ tree house.

After painting in all three, head to the giant tiki head in the northwestern section of the area. Activate the mouth to find Hook’s Treasure inside.

Return to Damien and give him the treasure to complete the quest.

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