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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Ventureland: A Captain’s Life for Me [Part 1]

Speak to either Beluga Billy or Damien Salt in the first part of Ventureland to start this quest. Each wants to become captain for his own reasons, but no matter what, the first thing you’ll have to do is find Hook’s Giant Pearl.

You can get the pearl two ways. One is to purchase it from Tiki Sam’s for 1000 tickets. The other way (which is free!) is to first reach the cruise boats in the central part of Ventureland. Hop onto the ledge with the door built into a tree and enter. Follow the path to emerge behind Tiki Sam’s.

Thin out the wall and enter to find the pearl inside. Be aware: stealing the pearl means you won’t be able to buy anything more from Tiki Sam’s. You can now either give the pearl to Beluga Billy or use it to find Hook’s treasure for Damien Salt.

For Billy’s side of the quest, you’ll have to first place the pearl in the Captain’s Quarters. This is the building that Smee stands near. Place the pearl on the stand and exit.

Outside is a new switch you can hit. There are two more to find.

The second can be found by thinning out the tree near the first switch.

The final switch is on the roof of the station.

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