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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Watch the Skies

Once you start Chapter 2, you can speak to Laralee at the Wasteland Museum or Copernicus in the Observatory (both in Mean Street South) to start this quest. Both Laralee and Copernicus are looking for items that “are neither toon nor inert.” Who you return the items to is your call, but you must give them all to either Copernicus or Laralee – no mixing. Here are the item locations.

Fan: This is found on this ledge near the sword bridge on the angel side of Rainbow Caverns.

Bottle Cap: In Disney Gulch, climb the train and paint in this platform. Hop up, and have Oswald toss Mickey up to collect the item.

Lunch Box: While fighting the Blotworx Dragon, hop onto this ledge to grab the item.

Skeleton Mug: When you near Club 13 in Blot Alley, there will be a dumpster against the western wall. Use it to reach an upper ledge where this item is sitting.

Milk Container: From the bull’s head in the wooded area of Fort Wasteland, cross the rotating horn to find a trapped Gremlin. On a ledge across from him lies this item. Get there by tossing Oswald and gliding over.

Pocket Watch: Found on the ledges atop the rolling beach ball slope in the Floatyard. Head to the southernmost ledge and you’ll see it floating on a ledge above two giraffe heads. Have Oswald toss you into the air to reach the item.

Race Car: Found in the northwest section of Autotopia. Look this hole in the wall and hop through to find it.

Snow Globe: Found in the area where you fought the Mad Doctor. Return there to find it on this platform just a jump away from the linear path.

Once you’ve collected every object, return them all to either Laralee or Copernicus to finish the quest.

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