E3 not so "down-scaled" after all?

ESA has published the schedule for this year's "down-scaled" E3 in Santa Monica, and it's looking like pretty much the same carnival act we've been used to seeing in previous years.

Microsoft will kick off events with an hour-long conference on July 10 at 8:30pm - perhaps minus The Killers and free-booze if E3 is indeed saving the pennies.

Nintendo will follow the next day with its bash at 9am, followed as always by Sony Computer Entertainment at 11:30am. Electronic Arts, Activision and others will have their own briefings that afternoon.

Venues for the platform holder conferences are yet to be revealed, but the third party briefings are due to go down at the Starlight Ballroom in the Fairmont Hotel.

According to the official E3 website, entrance to the company conferences is by invitation only, and "summit registration does not grant access."

On July 11 the real meat kicks off with the opening of meeting suites and the Barker Hangar, where attendees will be able to view games from 1pm - 6.30pm. Over 30 companies have booked booths in the hangar.

"Down-scaled" then? It sounds like the same old E3 to us, minus having to run around a 870,000 sq mile convention center to reach your meetings. Still, we're going to miss their dirty cheeseburger meals...

May 25, 2007