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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Venus #1 - #10

A hot, pungent little sphere transformed into a verdant paradise by the Traveler's seemingly magical and unexplained powers of morphing a planet's temperature and surface pressure, Venus was later abandoned in the Collapse.

Luckily, amidst the ruins and lush foliage, you'll be able to snuffle out some Dead Ghosts that can be found in the the most inexplicable places. All of these Dead Ghosts can be found in the Patrol mission but you may find some of them easier to access and pick up organically during the story.

Dead Ghost #1 - Headlands

From your spawn point in the Headlands on the Patrol mission, turn left and make your way to the third pool along.

The Dead Ghost is tucked away behind one of the clusters of stalagmites.

Dead Ghost #2 - Shattered Coast

There are a number of rusted shells of cars in front of the Guardian Outpost here.

The Dead Ghost is resting on the backseat of the car behind the blue van.

Dead Ghost #3 - Ishtar Academy

Upon arriving at the Ishtar Academy, head to the back and jump up onto the...tall thing here. I don't know what that's supposed to be.

Use the extra height to double jump up to the third floor and find the Dead Ghost on the bookcase.

Dead Ghost #4 - Ishtar Cliffs

When you enter this area, swing left and look out for the rocky ledge next to a tall tree.

Pop up here to find the Dead Ghost at the top.

Dead Ghost #5 - Waking Ruins

Approaching from the Citadel, veer right and through the archway. Stay frosty--there are a lot of Vex around.

Through here and to the left is a dilapidated Stargate.

There's a Dead Ghost on top of the remaining masonry supporting it on the left.

Dead Ghost #6 - Campus 9

When you enter this area from the Waking Ruins, make your way to the roof of the orange trailer opposite.

From here, double jump up onto the stone blocks above.

The Dead Ghost is on the ledge across from here. Double jump over to pick it up.

Dead Ghost #7 - Ishtar Commons

You'll need to have visited the Awoken emo siblings at the Reef for the way to be open to Ishtar Commons. Once you're in, head to the circular building with the awning to the left.

Double jump onto the awning itself to find a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #8 - Ishtar Commons

From the entrance to Ishtar Commons, head right and up the steps to the corridor beyond.

The Dead Ghost is in the second room on the right.

Dead Ghost #9 - N/Gen Branch

Enter this area from the Ishtar Commons and be wary of the Vex that are patrolling the complex. Access the platform on the second floor by taking the staircase on the right.

On the floor next to the console by the door is a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #10 - Dig Site 4

You can access Dig Site 4 during The Nexus mission when the gate to the area is open or on Patrol, where you can bypass the gate altogether. Take the staircase to the right of the entrance to the N/Gen Branch. You should be able to spot a window in the wall opposite.

Depending on how far your jump ability has been upgraded, you can either jump straight through from the top of the staircase, or balance on the ledge on the wall to the left and hop up from here.

Make your way through the research lab and into this room in Dig Site 4.

Walk along the left wall and through the doorway ahead to find a Dead Ghost sitting in a sink.

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