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Del Toro and Cameron Set To Climb Mountains Of Madness

Hellboy director finally to shoot a long-cherished Lovecraft project, with Cameron as producer

The 1931 story concerns a scientific expedition to the South Pole which makes a gruesome discovery that hints at the true origins of mankind.

Del Toro confirmed that an announcement on his next project as director was imminent during the San Diego Comic-Con, where he was touting Haunted Mansion for Disney (which he's co-written and produced) and Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (ditto).

However, Coming Soon claims its sources at Universal deny the film is a done deal, but it seems likely that official confirmation will arrive soon.

Coming Soon also spoke to Del Toro about the project at Comic-Con, where he revealed that unlike most Hollywood horror movies, which are considered low-cost, quick-return investments, At The Mountains Of Madness would need to be a “tentpole” movie with a budget in the region of $130 million. He also confirms that the story would have a period setting and will not be updated:

“I remember when I saw Alien and I was absolutely blown away by it. I saw John Carpenter’s The Thing ; I saw Kubrick’s The Shining . These were massive movies in a genre that normally doesn’t get massive movies. With Mountains of Madness there are two things that I’ve been battling all these years: period and R-rated, and a very very tough ending. The studio is very scared of period obviously; he's very scared of the budget and an R-rating. The first conversation I always have is, ‘Does it have to be R?’ and I go, ‘Yes.’ ‘Does it have to be period? Does it have to be Antarctica?’ ‘Yes.’”