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How to connect an extra Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch Lite for multiplayer, motion controls and rumble

How to connect an extra Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch Lite
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Do you know how to connect an extra Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch Lite? If not, you've arrived in the right place. Despite the inability to connect to the TV, the Nintendo Switch Lite does support extra Joy-Cons and other Nintendo Switch controllers for multiplayer games. You can't connect them like you normally would by sliding them onto the sides of the console though, so read on to learn how to connect Joy-Cons to a Nintendo Switch Lite.

How to connect an extra Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Obviously with the original old Nintendo Switch you could easily slide the Joy-Con into the main unit to sync without having to pair anything. However, the Switch Lite has permanently attached controllers meaning you'll have to pair extra controllers remotely. Here's how that works: 

  1. Go to the 'Home' menu and select 'Controllers'. 
  2. Choose 'Change Grip and Order' to get to this screen: 

Nintendo switch Joy-con connection screen

(Image credit: nintendo)

One you're on that screen press and hold the Sync button on the controller you want to use, which is the little round button on the side (you'll have to do this twice on both controllers if you're planning to use a pair):

Nintendo switch Joy-con sync button

(Image credit: nintendo)

You'll know when the extra Joy-Con sync is complete as the player LED will stay on. At this point you'll still need to tell the Nintendo Switch Lite which way you're intending to use the extra Joy-Con: either as a two Joy-Con dual-controller set up, or a single Joy-Con in a horizontal grip. To do that you press the shoulder buttons according to the image on the screen: 

(Image credit: nintendo)

So that's both little shoulder buttons on a single pad to use one individually, or two big ones on both pads to dual wield. You can even sync and hit both shoulder buttons on the Pro Controller to add it. 

And that's that. Follow these instructions and you should be able to connect an extra Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch Lite to enjoy multiplayer with friend, or play game with rumble and motions controls.

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