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Comic-Con 2010: The Virginity Hits trailer

Adam McKay


Comic-Con 2010: Adam McKay has announced his new comedy The Virginity Hits and showed off the flick’s first trailer.

A dramedy shot in a hand-held mockumentary fashion, it stars a cast of unknowns and revolves around a teenager who attempts to broadcast the popping of his cherry on the internet.

Naturally, this doesn’t go down well with his girlfriend when he is rumbled. But then he receives a video message from a minx who wants to help him finish the job…

Seemingly riffing on the real-life stories of youngsters selling their virginity on eBay, as well as tapping into our YouTube-obsessed age, the trailer is rough, ready and hilarious. There’s even a ‘mate shaves his buddy’s balls for him’ scene to rival that similar bit in She’s Out Of My League . Expect big things from this one.

In cinemas this week...