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The latest Cats trailer has dropped and Idris Elba is a cat in a hat

The latest Cats trailer is here and it doesn't mind that the too-small bipedal cats probably make you uncomfortable - it loves it, actually. Ever since the first trailer dropped back in July, the internet has been howling like alley cats in heat about the weird, wacky, uncanny valley of human/cat hybrid that is this film. The concept, which is based off the stage production of the same name, translates strangely to film, and it seems like its creators are well aware of this. The second trailer takes the cat jokes and dials it up to a thousand.

This trailer lays out the plot of the film - a tribe of cats called Jellicles await the Jellicle choice, in which a lucky cat is chosen to ascend to the Heaviside Layer and enjoy a new life - while also giving us a smorgasbord of cat in-jokes that you might find in a Cat Mom Facebook group (not that I'm a part of one). There's a cat sliding down a bannister, a musical break to shout "Milk", a bejeweled catnip flask, a cat tripping over a pair of high heels, and, of course, James Corden hissing. And I didn't even mention the blatant cat puns - oh yes, there's both "cat got your tongue" and "crazy cat lady" in this trailer. 

I'm left with a lot of questions: Why is Idris Elba's fur the color of the cheap red wine my mom buys in bulk? Why does Ian McKellan's cat face look so much like his human face? Who makes these miniature cat accessories and if so, can someone make Dame Judi Dench's faux fur coat for my cat?

Cats will hit theaters on December 20, so consider it a built-in Christmas gift for all the cat ladies and gentlemen in your life. 

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