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Call of Duty: Ghosts Rorke file locations

Rorke Files 9-18

09: Mission: Hunted
After you reach the plane crash, head up the path a little ways and just before you meet up with Keegan and Elias, there will be a water fall on the left. Go to the long green vines covering the rock to the left there and the laptop will be on the ground in front of it.

10: Mission: Clockwork
As soon as you first use the night vision, walk up the small set of stairs and in the office in the center you can find this laptop sitting on the desk at the front window.

11: Mission: Atlas Falls
When you reach the pressure regulators and the foreman, simply enter the small office to the right side to see the laptop sitting above a filing cabinet.

12: Mission: Into the Deep
After you fire the rocket at the large ship, you will have a scene where all hell breaks loose and you will need to swim away from the falling wreckage. Once you swim through a boat, you will encounter a couple of swimming enemies. As soon as you do, look to the right to find the lap top there sitting on a rock.

13: Mission: End of the Line
When you enter the pressurized door after the white tube hallway, go down the stairs and underneath them will be the laptop on the right side.

14: Mission: Sin City
When you get to the bottom of the two sets of escalators and have to go right under a gate that your team lifts, look to the left as soon as you go under. Sitting on a table there behind the velvet rope will be the laptop.

15: Mission: All or Nothing
When you are first in control of Logan, immediately turn to the right and walk a couple steps to the lit up bunks on the left side. Inside the lower bunk, you can find the laptop for the picking.

16: Mission: Severed Ties
Once you have launched the missile, follow Hesh down the stairs on the left side of the control room. Go through the doors at the bottom and then hang a quick right. Enter the first room on the left and the laptop will be to the left of you as soon as you enter.

17: Mission: Loki
Once you reach the first entrance to the space station, all hell will break loose and you will still be outside after the scene. In front of you--when you are back in control-- will be a round opening to go through with a gold solar panel on the left. Look to the left to see the laptop floating in space beside the left edge near the middle of the solar panel.

18: Mission: The Ghost Killer
At the very start of the mission, when Hesh is opening the train, car door, walk to the jeeps on the right and turn to see the laptop sitting on a toolbox there in the corner.