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Busted Cheats: Week 1

Game: SpeedRacer: The Videogame
Submitted By:

Cheat Title: Look at the smiley face!
Entry Location:
Once you meet dusknoir look on his back and you will see a smiley face!

Our clever response: "Look at the smiley face!" is not a cheat. Just sayin'. Also, dusknoir is probably a film genre, not a character in the SpeedRacer game… or even the genre of the SpeedRacer movie. (And, yes, we know dusknoir is aPokemon.)

Game: Iron Man
Submitted By: it doesnt work

Cheat Title: die
Entry Location: insuit
Cheat: get blown up then u die. See people this is a really cool cheat and easy to do. NO but the real cheat is while in suit press up up up up down down left right then jump k f g g f.There u go ppeople its really easy to do. IF it doesnt work then owell ur doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our clever response: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… wait, let's get this straight, the point of the "cheat" is to die, but sometimes it doesn't work. Hmm, ok, let's do it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-OHSNAP-HAHAHAHAHAH!

Game: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Submitted By: Tommy clift

Cheat Title: Fart Bomb
Entry Location: Main menu
Cheat: While holding L1 L2 R1 R2,press,circle sqare,down,up,circle.

Our clever response: Ahh, the ancient legend of the Fart Bomb cheat. Sorry, Tommy, but to activate the fart bomb in LotR:RotK everyone knows that you have to hit circle, circle, square, down, up, circle not circle, square, down, up, circle. Duh.

Game: Runescape 2
Submitted By:

Cheat Title: jagex hack!
Entry Location:
Cheat: I have finaly found out a way to hack into jagex's system and it was just great i have hacked a lvl 134 name bglittlerock and it's just the best thing ever, ok so here it goes you need to send a meassage on msn to this account it is jagex's msn they use to try and fake people out it may sound a little bit wierd but it is ok then this is the code i used to get them all messed up in their computers it is

*^%^&%$%#$%Q(your username)@#@$#%()(*

^%$#$#@$%$^^(the person you want to hack username)Y&^*#%$%$@@

#@#%$#$%$%^(your password)#%$%^#^&^&%*

It may sound a little wierd but trust me you get really good results The reason i want your password is because jagex need to know if you are giving them a real username and not a fake one to only see if you actullay play soo i hope this works for you.

Our clever response:
Username: I'll believe anything!
Password: please haxor my account, plz. kthx. Bye.

Game: Haze
Submitted By: me myself and irene

Cheat Title: this is shocking
Entry Location: pause menu
Cheat: while in the pause menu hit left, right, left, right, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, circle. i know theres alot of squares but it will change all guns to a lightning shooter thingy...

Above: This is a real screenshot. It has definitely not been Photoshoped by an intern with no experience altering screenshots

Our clever response: Like a human being could actually hit the square button that many times. You'd break your hand or create so much friction that the tip of your finger would burn right down to the bone and the controller would meltdown into a puddle of molten Playstation goo. Only Superman can use this cheat.

Game: Viking: Battle for Asgard
Submitted By: suck my balls

Cheat Title: dragon thing
Entry Location:
Cheat: tell me how to do the dragon thing

Our clever response: To do the dragon thing you'll need the following: One stick of butter or margarine, thirteen loaves of wheat bread made with at least 7 types of grains, one hundred newborn rabbits, a vial of lizard blood from any species indigenous to south of the equator, a list of the first seven words your biological father learned written in purple crayon and the best sword in the game. Does that answer your question?

Game: The Incredible Hulk
Submitted By: The Forgotten Warior

Cheat Title: The HINT!
Entry Location: Anywhere
Cheat: DO NOT DiE!

Our clever response: We tried this cheat out on other games, and guess what? It turns out that not dying is actually just as effective in almost any game. It also works in real life. This cheat is the winner!

That's it for the worst of the worst cheat submissions for this week. Thanks for nothing, guys and gals. However, we would like to thank a separate group of all-star cheat submitters for this week. Thanks to the following people for successfully submitting accurate cheats to CheatPlanet this week:

J doug
Dan Green
the guy that knew... and told

If you have some hints, unlockables, cheats or Easter eggs that you want to add to our database, you can submit them by clickinghere. If your cheats are accepted, you too will get your name posted in the coveted all-star list and you'll be given full credit for all eternity on CheatPlanet. For those of you who think helping others is lame, you can make fun of the people in the list in ourforumsinstead.

May 29, 2008