Busted Cheats: Week 1

Unfortunately, this is the internet, so the lack of face time has left us looking elsewhere for satisfaction. In this case, we've decided to make fun of a select few of you every week until we feel good about ourselves.

These are the worst cheat submissions from the pile. Each of these is recreated in this article exactly how it was submitted, which means no alterations in spelling or punctuation (we know "owell" isn't a real word). Hopefully, if you didn't write one of these, you too can find fulfillment in reading them and then reflecting on how much smarter than these people you are - if not, we're sorry. And for those of you who think you can do better, you can always submit yourown.

Game: GTA IV
Submitted By: Baconator

Cheat Title: Unlock Godzilla Attack
Entry Location: In your phone
Cheat: First you have to spawn a helicopter and have a sniper rifle. Fly to the highest building and snipe 14 people. Then fly to the second highest buildiding and shoot 28 people. Then the thing from 28 Days Later should happen. There will be zombies all over the city. If you kill all the zombies there will be a new number in your phone called "Godzilla attack" I guess you know what it does.

Our clever response: Only in dreams, little buddy. But just in case, if anyone does get this cheat to work, please let us know so we can quit our jobs and devote our remaining lives to playing GTA Godzilla Mode.

Game: Drawn To Life
Submitted By: ''[

Cheat Title: code
Entry Location: florida
Cheat: 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888

Our clever response: Predictably, this cheat was submitted from someone in Florida.

Game: Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Submitted By: GTS105

Cheat Title: Canadian Flag Shorts
Entry Location: Main Menu And go to Extras
Cheat: Type in OCANADA

Our clever response: Canadian Hulk is also an avid hockey fan and eats three tons of Canadian Bacon (whatever that is) everyday to stay fit. Nobody knows if he can beat up regular Hulk because he's too busy having straight roads and universal health care to start any fights.

Game: Fisherman's Bass Club
Submitted By: george bush 98

Cheat Title: 1000 pound fish
Entry Location: start menu
Cheat: First hold L1 and R1,then press CURCLE,X,SQRARE(2 times)then press start

Our clever response: A big shout-out to Big W for taking time from his busy schedule to give us fishing tips. To be perfectly honest, we have our doubts about how feasible catching a 1000 pound fish really is. From the look of the picture and the tensile strength of the average PS2 controller's chord, we'd say 800 pounds at the most.

Game: Luigi's Mansion
Submitted By: Luigi

Cheat Title: Ice can freeze sinks
Entry Location: Left of the dining hall
Cheat: Open the fridge to get ice and spray the sink.WAALAA you have a frozen sink.(If you want water just run fire over it.)

Our clever response: Oh, umm… good? Now we have a frozen sink. Thank you for your helpful submission.

Game: Spider-Man 3
Submitted By: z

Cheat Title: you people are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entry Location:
Well of course you people should know that if you get on cheat web sites your stupid to give of hints because people want cheats not HINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our clever response: We thought about it, and you're right, Mr. Z. By the time anyone reads this article, we should be just finishing up rounding up all the years and years of hints we've taken the time to acquire, deleted them from our site and begun sending them out to non-existent email addresses to never be seen again. Thanks for the tip!

Game: Ben 10: Protector of Earth
Submitted By: brandon

Cheat Title: Unlock gostfreak
Entry Location: extra menu
Cheat: Imnot saying its alie but iwastrying for over two weeks

Above: Trying for six weeks unlocks this cool hat!

Our clever response: Unlocking ghostfreak takes three weeks of trying. Unfortunately, now that you've taken a break from trying to send things to CheatPlanet, you're going to have to start trying all over again. The first two weeks don't count if you stop trying before you finish all the trying it takes. Good luck!