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Blue Valentine trailer debuts online

Blue Valentine trailer

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling’s Sundance favourite Blue Valentine has loaded its first trailer online.

Though the film’s just been given the kiss of death NC-17 rating over in the US, there’s no evidence of just why in this endearing, arty first look.

According to the MPAA, Valentine features enough saucy shots and harrowing emotional material to warrant that killer rating. Hopefully a quick trim will get it the R (and hence wider audience) it deserves.

Following two young lovebirds, Blue Valentine is the story of a love spiralling dramatically out of control. Check out the trailer below...

See what we mean? Downplaying the big emotional stuff, this trailer focuses on its two leads – who give the sort of breathtaking performances you’d expect from two Oscar nominees.

You can see Total Film's official reaction to Blue Valentine at Cannes 2010 here .

Blue Valentine opens in the US on 31 December. Fingers crossed for a UK release date soon.