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Black Friday Xbox One X: what deals to expect on Microsoft's console in 2019

Black Friday Xbox One X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

As that date approaches it's time to prepare for the Black Friday Xbox One X deals. While the deals themselves won't be live for a while you can at least start to get an idea of what bundles, options and games you might want if you're in the market for a new 'box. 

Thing is there will be loads of potential Black Friday Xbox One X deals dropping so it'll be easy to get overwhelmed already. Coming up we've got a good run down of some of the best existing deals and previous ones to give you an idea of what to expect, what you might want, and just generally.  it's worth bearing in mind as well that the Xbox One X will be celebrating it's second birthday in November, so there might be a few extra deals for that. 

Most importantly the Xbox One S has been out for over three years, and the next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett almost certainly coming next year, so this year will likely be a last big blow out for both Xbox and any deals you might get. And, if you're thinking about looking for any Black Friday TV deals as well, bear in mind that next year will be all about Project Scarlett, 8K, and 120 FPS, so think about about that if you're getting a new screen

Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy will probably discount the heck out of both consoles this year, and you'll probably get a sweet game bundle deal in the process. Every retailer will be trying to move their Xbox One X and Xbox One S stock this Black Friday. With more game bundles, more specials, and the lowest prices ever expected, here's what will happen when the Black Friday Xbox One X deals start to roll in...

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When will the Black Friday Xbox One X offers start?

All of the Black Friday Xbox One X specials (as well as all other Black Friday game deals), seem to roll out earlier and earlier with each passing year. While this year's Black Friday officially falls on November 29, discounts will likely roll out at least two weeks before that. That means that you should start keeping track of these deals around mid-November, way before you gorge yourself on turkey and gravy. This is prime discount season, and paying attention to deals well before November 29 means you'll be able to snatch up a good one well before something goes out of stock. The early bird catches the console, or whatever.

We've seen Xbox One S systems go for as little as $200, so they might dip below $175 come this year's Black Friday. That means the Xbox One X should be aggressively discounted, as well. During E3 2019, the console dipped below $399, so expect it to drop to $350 or less with some Black Friday Xbox One X deals. You'll probably see those offers bundled with an AAA game, too, so keep your eyes peeled.

As an example, last Black Friday, eBay sold an Xbox One X 1TB console with Fallout 76 deal for $409, a $90 discount off the usual ticket price.  

Xbox One X 1TB Fallout 76 bundle for $409 (was $499) at eBay
Start your journey into Fallout 76 the right way with a nice deal on Microsoft's super-powered console. Almost heaven, West Virginia... View Deal

Amazon Prime Day 2019 wasn't all that lucrative when it came to Xbox One X. There were a few savings on other consoles, and a few deals on the Xbox One S All-Digital, but it was a bit of a letdown for those expecting to snag a console for less.  The Division 2 at 67% off was a major deal that should have been hopped on immediately, but not much else stood out.

However, the meager offerings during Amazon Prime Day leads us to believe the Xbox One X Black Friday deals will be absolutely crackin', so keep an eye out.

The Divison 2 | $20 on Amazon (save 67%)
Take back Washington DC with your friends in this cracking open-world looter-shooter. The original Division was good, but its sequel is outright great. 
View Deal

What is a good Black Friday Xbox One X price?

Some might argue that the best Xbox One X or Xbox One S price is determined by personal preference. If a bundle includes a game you need or really want, then this will be more valuable to you than one that doesn't. What you need to know is the actual prices you can expect to pay during Black Friday 2019. Given that retailers are regularly dropping the price below $400 now, you should look to pay $350 for the console with a game. That game is likely to be Gears 5, although you'll find bundles with Forza Horizon 4 thrown in for similar prices.

If you're struggling to choose between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, think about what you need the console for. Sure, the S won't play games in 4K, however, it will play the exact same games at a much cheaper price. You'll still get High Dynamic Range for a great picture, Premium Dolby Atmos audio, and 1TB of memory. It can also run 4K Blu-Rays. Consider it a great starting off point if you need a new console and want to stay in the Microsoft family or are looking to defect over from another platform. The S is a great choice for those looking to make a jump that will be easy on their wallet. 

1TB Xbox One S + NBA 2K19 + bonus controller + 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | $299 at Walmart (save up to $62)
A bargain - you get loads of value for very little cash, although you are getting last year's NBA 2K, which is still a fine game.View Deal

If you're looking for more power, the Xbox One X is the console for you. There are 5 Teraflops of graphical horsepower under the hood of the X, which lets it render hyper detailed, vibrant textures. Plus 12GB of DDR4 RAM to make those load times lighting fast. Games will look and perform better on the X, thanks in large part to 4K Ultra-High Definition. If you want to play games in 4K, the X is the only option for you.

1TB Xbox One X + Fallout 76 | $381 at Walmart (save $120)
This remains one of the cheapest Xbox One X bundles around at the moment, and it's tempting at that price. Plus, Fallout 76 is better now than it was last year...View Deal

(Image credit: Razer)

Will Black Friday just be about Xbox consoles?

Definitely not. You'll find Black Friday Xbox One X specials on almost every accessory, game, and piece of tech you can dream of. While most people already interested int the consoles already own an Xbox One X or S, there's a plethora of accessories and extras that will enhance your play even further, from gaming headsets with noise cancelling capabilities to steering wheels that will get you ahead of the race. Here's the accessories you can expect to see during this Black Friday 2019:

1. Headsets

Our guide to the best Xbox One headsets is constantly changing and updating, because we're testing new models every month. You really only need to spend around $100 to drastically increase your gaming quality of life, and during Black Friday, expect to spend even less. Hearing gunfire and footsteps can make all the difference in competitive Overwatch match, and once you get a headset you'll realize the sound coming from your TV is woefully inferior. Sales events like Black Friday are often the last chance for retailers to clear out older stock, or to convince you to buy a newer, fancier model at a slight discount. 

2. Controllers

It's always a great deal to get a new Xbox One controller cheap, and you can expect Black Friday to offer a ton of great options. It's usually a regular black or white Xbox One controller that goes on sale during Black Friday, but once in a while a special edition pops up at a great price (currently got our eye on the fiery red one, for reasons).

3. Steering Wheels

Headsets make the game more absorbing, and Xbox One steering wheels drastically change the way a racing game feels. Force feedback, tactile resistance, and an overall better feel, this is a must-have accessory for fans of racing game. An Xbox One steering wheel will see you race past the rest of the pack, and you can expect some Black Friday deals to offer the best of them for around $40-60 cheaper than usual.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Outside Black Friday - what's available now?

Maybe you can't wait until Black Friday for your Xbox One X and you want something right now. Maybe you've heard that Gears 5 looks incredible in 4K, and your Xbox One S just isn't cutting it anymore. Or maybe you're looking to defect and join Microsoft, and the Xbox One X is too daunting of a purchase. Maybe you got a really hefty paycheck and want to spend it on something worthy. If you want/need something now (patience is a virtue, but fine), we've got some deals for you, thanks to our price-finding software. 

These deals are for the Xbox One S. Again, this can't play games in 4K and doesn't have the processing power that the X does, however it is a cheaper buy and a great starter for those looking to get into the world of Xbox. Expect to see these drop even lower for Black Friday 2019, but if you absolutely can't wait, enjoy the deals above. 

The Xbox One X will play your games in 4K at lightning fast speed, and there are currently some deals on the console. You'll save some money, but not nearly as much as you will if you wait until November. Have we made it clear that Black Friday deals are going to save you the most? Okay, good. 

Xbox One S Deals

1TB Xbox One S + NBA 2K19 + bonus controller + 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | $299 at Walmart (save up to $62)
Again, this deal is pretty good for an S, and you get a 1TB HDD with it too. Handy if you want a console and 4K Blu-ray machine.View Deal

1TB Xbox One S All-Digital Edition | $197 at Walmart (save $50)
A disc-less model of Xbox One landed with three games in tow (Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3).View Deal

1TB Xbox One S + Battlefield 5 | $238 on Amazon (save $62)
This long-running series goes back to WWII in its latest instalment, but this time it's got multiplayer customisation.View Deal

Xbox One X deals

These offers will likely pale in comparison to the Black Friday Xbox One X prices, but they're the best you'll find right now. We'll keep them updated, so don't worry about that, just keep an eye on this piece if you need to find out where to get a great Xbox One X, S, or accessories deal immediately. Check out some more of our buying guides below for even more Xbox One deals.

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